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      Bob Heavers is very professional and very kind. I messaged a few lenders and decided on one before hearing back from Bob. After hearing back from Bob, I honestly considered switching lenders to work with him. He even gave some advice and wished me luck after I told him I found a lender.

    I hope to work with him in the future! He is very sweet and gave me a lot of useful information!

    You don't find people like this often enough. Everyone is so consumed with making money and it is refreshing to have pleasant interactions with good-natured people.

    thumb Gem B.

      I have never been so disappointed, frustrated, no actually infuriated and inconvenienced in my life than I have over the last month dealing with a lender from this place.  I was referred to her, Audrey Ellington from someone on my friendlist who I recently unfriended on Facebook for just that reason I was so angry ...It got to the point where I couldn't even stand to see her name on my collar ID...when I say this, Audrey has to be America's most unorganized, tell ya what you want to hear, everything is fine, don't worry, I got you,  trying to push a refi through and not follow protocol obviously because  when it came down to it every other day AFTER we were "approved" and ready to close I had to send 2 more things, 2 more things every day for 5 days, THEN  one of the most important things was making sure the loan had included the person who was going to spilt the ownership with me, he was on the title but not the loan, um that is an example of her poor listening skills along with the fact that she needed to get my mom off of the  loan and title but she lives outside the USA,  I let the lender know that right off the bat way in the beginning when we decided to do this back in November.  This takes time because she has to make an appointment with the US Consulate so she can get it notarized and here we are way past the day that we were supposed to close and we cannot close because of her poor listening skills poor organizational skills.  Audrey knew all along that I was pulling out money so that I can get a new house and she wanted to be the lender on that but based on her performance I wouldn't recommend her to ANYONE for anything  because she's not capable.  She never told me not to start the new loan but she knew I needed to start my other loan because my house was getting built so I had start at some point...meanwhile she has the underwriter call and scream at me telling me that I shouldn't have started the other loan which I didn't really start all they did was pull my credit and they're waiting on this loan to close which who knows when it'll close because of her poor organizational skills meanwhile my house is getting built and I can't even close on this loan and start my other one.  Fairway doesn't deserve a star at all. I will deter anyone from using them as it seems as if they haven't really screened their lenders...

    thumb Colleen J.

      Fairway is top-notch professional, personable, detail-oriented, friendly, and overall fantastic to work with. Each team member went above and beyond for us, and they did an excellent job throughout the entire loan process. Since I own my own business, our loan required many extra steps, and the Fairway team had our backs the entire way through, and they were an integral part in landing our dream home. I would recommend them to anybody. Thanks for everything Fairway!

    thumb Eric S.

      Being a first time home buyer, I was clueless. Andy Watson and his team member, Medina Shah, handled the process from start to finish perfectly. All of my questions were answered almost immediately, utilizing email, phone calls, and texts. Based on friends and family members stories and experiences, I expected delays, hiccups, jumping through hoops to get things done, etc. None of that happened. The process couldn't have gone any smoother and I will be using Andy again for any future home purchase.

    thumb Brooke S.

      Thank you Andy & Team. You made the process so easy and straightforward. We are so happy to be in our new home!

    thumb Kailey M.

      Jennifer was receptive to all questions and always helpful with her answers. It was our first time buying a home and applying for a VA Loan, and she steered us through the with process with incomparable care and attention. I would definitely recommend her to friends and family.

    thumb Justin W.

      We absolutely LOVE Jessica, she was amazing a huge help throughout the entire process. We cannot say enough good things about her and her dedication and guidance.

    thumb Michael A.

      This is my 3rd time to use Jennifer McCain and Fairway Independent Mortgage. After a couple of rough and impersonal experiences with other lenders, I was happy to get this referral from a friend. I can not say enough about how well informed I have been kept and how easy it has been to work with Jen in the mortgage process and 2 other refinancing loans. I highly recommend if you're needing a lender!

    thumb Rick S.

      Erin Bradley provides another level of service to her clients. A lot of people say they go "above and beyond" in customer service, but Erin truly does.  I recommend Erin for any new purchase or refinances.

    thumb Mike S.

      Lu and the Fairway team were absolutely excellent. Looking forward to working with Lu and her team again.

    thumb Dwight P.

      Staci Stanley was incredible to work with and so efficient! She always got back to me so quickly and was very knowledgable. I can't say enough great things about her and Carrie Gusmas. I'm so thankful for their help! Carrie helped us with our first purchase almost 2 years ago and we had the best experience. We had two lenders prior to finding Carrie and when we found her (referred by a family friend) it felt as though she was really trying to help us and genuinely cared about us and our needs. She educated us on so many programs and options that we didn't even know existed. It was the best feeling making such a huge life decision being equipped with all the right tools and information to make the best decision. I would highly recommend Staci and Carrie again and again.

    thumb Heather B.

      This is a bad review specifically on one broker, Missy Santasiero. To summarize, the borrowing process couldn't have gone any more poorly. I did get a decent loan, but at such a personal cost. The stress so was great I broke out in hives for weeks on end throughout the process. The root of the issue is that this broker has no idea what buyers are going through or that they have real-world needs around the process of buying a house. She sent me emails often several times a day with the titles all in caps and loads of advertising even if the content was just a line or two, and they had nearly all the same titles regardless of topic with lots of back and forth,sometimes requiring me to login to some kind of secure portal and sometimes very time-sensitive (like, a 7pm email requiring action from me before tomorrow) and this went on for weeks Imagine trying to find something really important like a schedule for the loan paperwork or a checklist of what they wanted. I'm ok with shuffling paper (I'm a technical writer and do far more complex data management for a living) but this was torture, even after I asked for simpler communications, and even tried texting and calling instead of emailing to simplify. I needed very simple info the nearer we got to closing like "how much $ to bring in a cashier's check for the downpayment" and "what time is the closing", and it was like pulling teeth to get these answers. Then, the final straw: house inspection had revealed several substantial $$ repair issues beyond my DIY powers (an orangeburg sewer pipe and a roof nearing its end). The seller offered a $5k allowance for this (although the repairs are upwards of 23k, I got estimates). Now here's the worst of it, this broker never mentioned that I would never see a cent of that after closing. EVEN THOUGH THE ALLOWANCE WAS FOR THOSE ISSUES (sorry. I'm still livid). I emailed the broker to inquire today, and got a very long winded, insane-sounding email listing all the ways the various brokerage vultures picked off that money in "fees" during closing; the email finished by suggesting I just refinance later. This was never discussed with me, and I have to deal with the sewer before it blows, not after. So here I am, a single woman with no extra cash laying around, just hoping the sewer doesn't blow and the roof holds up, and Missy gets to laugh all the way to the bank. DO NOT USE MISSY SANTASIERO.

    thumb Charity d.


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